18 Jun 01:08 pm, Welisara, Gampaha

Itme Condiiotn-Brand New

Itme Condiiotn-Brand New

LKR 450

Dear Sir/ Madam CONTAINER CONVERSIONS BY McLARENS LOGISTICS LTD. We are pleased to bring to your kind notice the services offered by the McLarens Logistics Group, Sri Lanka; Container Trading and Container Conversions are two key activities in which we have developed a remarkable expertise and outstanding service level over several years of pioneering work. As a pioneer Marine Container Depot Operator established in 1979 in Sri Lanka, we understand container deployment like no other company and are able to offer a range of general purpose and special containers for outright purchase. Our access to container stocks from global suppliers allows us to offer you preferential rates and a timely service delivery to any part of the country. These containers also serve multiple uses such as mobile storage or functional units at economical prices. As we are keen to promote sales of our empty containers and portable cabin products to your organisation, we would be grateful if you w

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