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04 Jan 10:10 am, Kandy, Kandy

Itme Condiiotn-Brand New

Itme Condiiotn-Brand New

LKR 275

Wallpaper made in Japan. Warranty for 15 years, the original color and quality will remain for up to 15 years. We can do the installation of the wallpapers for FREE using original Japanese adhesive. Anti-mold and anti-bacterial. (Eco-friendly wallpapers are manufactured from material that emits NO aerosols or lead.) Dust Resistant - Less Cleaning. Washable - Can be cleaned using a sponge and soapy water. Saves Electricity in an Air Conditioned room by up to 27% because these wallpaper don't transmit heat. 700+ New Designs Available. Please call for more details.

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