Xiaomi Redmi Go (2019) for sale. FREE 32GB SD CARD + CASE + TEMPERED GLASS. Used for 05 months. Device in mint condition. Software updated to latest version.
14 Jul 06:11 pm, Galle, Galle

Itme Condiiotn-Used

Itme Condiiotn-Used

LKR 11,950

First off, I'll tell you why you should buy from me, by buying from me you will receive a FREE Mobile Phone Case, A Tempered Glass and a 32GB SD Card and a 1 YEAR WARRANTY. I bought this device on 19/3/2019 as my secondary phone. As I had a primary phone too, I didn't use the Redmi Go frequently. I'm selling this device because I have decided to upgrade my secondary phone and now have no use of this. I assure you that the device is in mint condition and it was used with utmost care. It doesn't have a single scratch or crack and the software has been updated to the latest version. You have the ability to have a live inspection of the phone via Skype or Messenger. And I assure you, the Redmi Go is one of the best budget phones of all time, you can prove it by yourself by doing a simple research. And the last thing I have to mention about it is it's camera, speed and battery life. I will send you photos captured by the Redmi Go and you will not believe the quality. A sleek design + metall
Warranty Period : One Year

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