Ziplock Clear Bags - 100 Pcs.
20 May 12:26 pm, Colombo 08, Colombo

Itme Condiiotn-Brand New

Itme Condiiotn-Brand New

LKR 300

*Poly Plastic Resealable *Sizes: 2x3inch, 3x4inch, 4x5inch & 5x7inch *100pcs. *Clear ▪️2x3 inch - Rs. 300/- ▪️3x4 inch - Rs. 350/- ▪️4x5 inch - Rs. 450/- ▪️5x7 inch - Rs. 600/- A very popular size of Zip Locking Bag, Plastic Bags are regular duty suited for shipping, packaging, and storage. Bags are re-useable; sealing is simple and easy with the single track zip closure strip. Organize and protect your items parts various sizes.Sale is for 1 Pack of Zip Seal clear plastic bags, pack contains 100 pieces of 2x3inch, 3x4inch, 4x5inch & 5x7inch sizes.

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